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Virginia Cliffe Inn to host Spring Boutique and Wedding Expo March 18

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The Virginia Cliffe Inn will host its annual Spring Boutique and Wedding Expo Saturday, March 18 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The event is free and will include food trucks, food and beverage tastings, and shopping throughout the process.

The event is designed to showcase the inn’s favorite local wedding vendors so that couples can meet them face-to-face. There will be local bakeries, catering, photographers, salons and spas, transportation, live paintings, florists, music, makeup, and others in attendance. There also will be an array of boutique wedding items to try.

Vendors will include: Cluck n Roll Food Truck, Gelati Celesti, Grazing Crazy, Tipsy Grape, Leora Bridal, Flowers by Zoie, Engrave Danger, Blendmasters, Relish, The Cake Runner, RVA Trolleys, Just Kidding Event Child Care, Riverwood Event & Catering, John Price Art, Rangeley Soaps, and more.

Organizers are seeking upcycled wedding items to sell including suits and accessories, flower girl and ring bearer items, veils and hair accessories, shoes, rings and jewelry, bouquets and boutonniere, wedding candles and holders, tea lights, centerpieces, bottles and jars, table decor, place settings, and chair aisle decorations. If you have questions or would like to sell items, email For tickets, click here. Rain date is March 19.

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