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Holman MS student detained with gun

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An anonymous tip led a Henrico Police officer and a Holman Middle School administrator to a student with a gun at the school Friday morning.

The two were responding to the tip and confronted the male student, who became uncooperative and struggled with them, prompting the officer to call for assistance. The student was subdued and taken into custody, and officers located the weapon in his personal belongings, according to police.

The school went into a lock-and-teach mode, but there were no injuries or other disruptions reported. Multiple officers remained at the school.

“The safety of our students, faculty, and first responders are paramount,” said Henrico Police Lt. Matt Pecka. We are appreciative of the partnership between the Police Division, HCPS, and our community for understanding the necessary need for responses like today to ensure the safety of all. We further commend those who come forward and report incidents like today to authorities whether in person or through tip lines in place to remain anonymous.”

The student has been charged with possession of a firearm on school property, possession of a concealed firearm, and underage possession of a firearm. He is being held at the Henrico County Juvenile Detention Home. Police have not identified him publicly because he is underage.

Police are encouraging families to have conversations about their children about the consequences of bringing any weapons to school.

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