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Henrico School Board elects Kinsella as chair, Atkins as vice chair

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Brookland District School Board member Kristi Kinsella

The Henrico School Board elected Brookland District representative Kristi Kinsella as its 2023 chairperson during its Jan. 12 meeting.

The board voted unanimously to elect Kinsella, who last year was the board’s vice chair, to the position of chair.

“I’m looking forward to collaborating with all of you, and with our stakeholders, and leading us forward this year,” Kinsella said.

Kinsella has been a member of the school board since 2019. She attended Henrico public schools, is a graduate of Hermitage High School, and has been volunteering at the schools that her three children attend since 2011.

Alicia Atkins, the board’s Varina District representative, was unanimously elected as the board’s vice chair.

Varina District School Board member Alicia Atkins

Atkins is the first Black woman to serve on the Henrico School Board, and now is the first to serve in a leadership position on it. She was nominated at the meeting by Tuckahoe District member Marcie Shea, and in his motion in support of Atkins, Rev. Roscoe Cooper (the Fairfield representative) called it a “historic nomination.”

“I’m very grateful for this moment, for everyone in Henrico county and beyond,” Atkins said. “This is history, and I look forward to leading you this year.”

Atkins has also been on the board since 2019. Like Kinsella, she attended HCPS schools, graduating from Highland Springs High School. She has a degree in health care administration and has three children.

The board presented the 2022 chair, Tuckahoe District representative Marcie Shea, with a plaque to recognize her year of service as chairperson.

“It has truly been an honor and a privilege, not only to serve on the board, but to be in your leadership,” said Shea, who announced earlier last year that she was battling Stage 4 cancer. “In the midst of a challenging personal year, you all are definitely a light – so thank you.”

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