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‘CTE Signing Day’ celebrates seniors, future employers

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On May 23, Henrico County Public Schools’ Career and Technical Education held its fifth Letter-of-Intent Signing Day at Junior Achievement Finance Park in Libbie Mill Library.  

Modeled after ceremonies that honor high school athletes as they sign letters-of-intent to play for college programs, the CTE signing day debuted in 2018, inspiring similar celebrations in 49 states and Canada. 

The CTE event featured high school seniors (and a few juniors) who have earned industry credentials, and gathered with representatives of their future employers to make their plans official.  The letters outlined what students must do before and during employment, what the employer will provide in pay and training, and an estimate of the position’s value. 

As with signing day for athletes, many of the students donned hats and clothing featuring the employer logo. 

When the HCPS Letter-of-Intent Signing Day debuted in March 2018, it sparked hundreds of calls to Henrico from school divisions across the country, asking for advice on replicating the idea. It was featured on CNN Headline News, Fox News and A school division Facebook post about the signing day reached more than 4.9 million people and was shared more than 25,000 times. 

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