Democratic majority could bring monumental change to Confederate symbols

Virginia has 110 Confederate monuments, many of which are housed in Richmond, the former capital of the Confederacy. Among the most notable are the five towering monuments of Confederate leaders lining Monument Avenue. Others live in neighborhoods across the city from Church Hill to Bellevue. The city is home to significant Civil War buildings, including the American Civil War Museum […]

In 1 city, 93 opioid pills for every resident each year

Between 2006 and 2012, more than 71 million opioid pills flowed into Henrico County. For the county’s 320,000 residents, that represented about 32 pills per person per year. During the same time period, pharmacies in Petersburg, whose population is 32,000, received more than 10 million opioid pills — or about 45 pills annually for each city resident. But Colonial Heights […]

RABA delivers bikes to Henrico Christmas Mother

The Richmond Area Bicycle Association delivered 50 new bicycles with helmets to the Henrico Christmas Mother Dec. 7. The RABA Foundation sponsors an annual program called Bikes for Kids, through which the club raises the funds to buy new bikes from Walmart, puts all the bikes together and distributes them to the area Christmas Mothers. This year, RABA volunteer Jason […]