Bill would prohibit employers from asking job applicants about criminal history

State government could not ask most job seekers criminal history questions on employment applications under a bill passed by the Virginia Senate. The Senate approved the “ban the box” bill Friday on a 23-16 vote. All of the Democrats in the Senate voted for SB 252; they were joined by four Republicans. Until recently, job applications forms used by state […]

Bill seeks to repeal ‘racist’ wage law

More than half a century after the end of Jim Crow laws that enforced racial segregation in the South, legislators are finding remnants of racism in Virginia law. The Code of Virginia makes it legal for employers to pay less than minimum wage to “newsboys, shoe-shine boys, caddies on golf courses, babysitters, ushers, doormen, concession attendants and cashiers in theaters.” […]

Northam calls for increase in teachers’ salaries

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam told the Virginia School Boards Association Jan. 22 that the state needs to raise teacher pay to attract and keep top talent in the commonwealth’s public schools. Speaking to the association’s annual Capital Conference, Northam said the state’s teachers make $7,500 less than the national average. “There are some things that I think need attention, and […]