Letters to the Editor – Aug. 14, 2014

Not everyone thrilled about Capital Trail construction


I enjoy reading your paper but was taken back by the article in a recent issue, "Capital Trail taking shape in Varina," by Eileen Mellon.

On page 7, Nicole Anderson Ellis seems to believe that everybody is thrilled with this bike trail. I wholeheartedly disagree with her. I am a commercial property owner along New Market Road, and to my knowledge, she did not speak to any commercial property owners, and certainly not to me. It looks like they are going to cut access for this project through my property. Originally, it was supposed to be on the south side of New Market Road, but no one can explain to me why it was moved to the north side.

I have a hard time understanding how we can spend so much money to build this trail from Richmond to Williamsburg – it does not make sense to me. There was a lot of opposition to the bike trail, but it seems they are hellbent on going through with the project.


Watson M. Marshall

* * *

Warner offers bipartisan solutions


Many in Virginia have interpreted Dave Brat's victory over Eric Cantor as a blow against bipartisanship. The messages some people in Washington are taking from this seems to be to never compromise and refuse to work with the other party – if you want to get re-elected. This is a misguided point of view. You only have to look at Mark Warner to see how being positive yields so much for the community and nation.

Senator Warner has established a bipartisan record, reported on in this news paper. He often is sited as working on a common-sense bill with Republicans. He has teamed with Republican Rob Portman to develop the DATA Act. This significant legislation which requires the government to list all of its spending on one website, allowing citizens to find how much is spent in their individual districts and what it’s spent on. Mark Warner was a member of the Gang of Six. This group of Democrats and Republicans proposed a bipartisan deficit reduction measure that drew high praise across the political spectrum. And as governor in 2004, then Governor Warner closed a tremendous budget deficit through bipartisan tax reform that both cut spending and raised revenue in the Commonwealth.

These are examples of Senator Warner’s long list of bipartisan achievements. And the thing is, it’s working. His Congressional achievements were recently recognized by Northern Virginia Magazine which honored him as the one of the best local politicians of the year!

The obvious message here is that voters appreciate bipartisanship. Politicians must not be afraid to work together to develop legislation which may require compromises among Democratic and Republican members of Congress. I know Mark Warner is committed to reaching bipartisan solutions. I look forward to supporting him for re-election to the United Sates Senate this November. He will serve us well!


John S. Oehler

* * *

Parenting lessons can be dirty


I enjoyed Publisher Tom Lappas's column in the Henrico Citizen, "Lessons in Parenting (Year One)."

I passed the course (barely) with children and now have grandchildren. One comment I would like to offer is that with my own children, disposable diapers were an expensive luxury, usually reserved for the church nursery on Sundays, and for the occasional vacation. Cloth diapers, diaper pins and rubber pants and diaper pails are still available.

As a father, one of my jobs was removing the 'solids' from the diapers before washing. I found the side of a utility sink, a putty knife and a sink sprayer attachment quite helpful. A screen baskets in the bottom of the sink helps with capturing the 'leftovers' to transfer to the toilet. Once the art is perfected, a few minutes every other day or so is all that it takes. Good ventilation really helps too.

We normally washed the diapers separately from the rest of the laundry, as that was normally the only time we washed with anything other than cold water. It's a little less convenient, takes a little more time, but saves a lot of money. You will also enjoy the bragging rights, having survived the diaper years.


Forrest Melton
Glen Allen

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