Henrico’s Top Teachers – Anne Lundberg

Anne Lundberg’s goal every day as a Latin teacher at Glen Allen High School is to push students to realize the real world context that the language she loves can offer.

While attending Catholic School in Illinois, Lundberg enrolled in a Latin class that was taught by the principal of the school. Although she was nervous about the course, he taught the language in a way that sparked a desire for her to learn more.

Lundberg attended the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and continued taking more Latin courses. When an advisor suggested she teach Latin, she agreed.

“I couldn’t get enough Latin, and my mom and a lot of my relatives are teachers, so it made sense,” Lundberg said. “My grandfather was also into languages and knew Greek and Latin. He loved it and would memorize poems and recite them in Latin or Greek then translate them in English. It made me wonder if I have a gene for language.”

After college, Lundberg knew that she wanted to move to the East Coast. As part of the American Classical League, a professional organization which promotes the study of classical civilization at all levels of education in the United States and Canada, she saw a job in Virginia that was available and hopped on the opportunity.

Lundberg taught at Tuckahoe Middle, Short Pump Middle and Pocahontas Middle before arriving at Glen Allen High School, where she has been for the past three years, after the Latin program at Pocahontas ceased.

“I try to make Latin as relevant as possible and take a dead language and make it current for the students,” she said. “Content-wise, I love when kids see that Latin is everywhere and it's exciting. Latin and Roman influences are seen in our culture and are the basis for everything.”

The modern languages of communication are valuable to students and allow them to broaden their perspectives, see how languages are connected and spark interest in other elements of that language, Lundberg said. Her passion for the Latin language helps to bring it to life for her students.

"Being a Latin teacher, most would think that whoever teaches it does not particularly care for that language, but Mrs. Lundberg is passionate about this subject she teaches,” a fellow teacher wrote. “While she tells all her students about how Latin is great, she also explains how it is associated with other subjects, how it relates to other languages and how it can even help students with the SAT and other tests. Her love for Latin shows in the way she talks about her lesson plans to the way she talks about how everything is associated with the subject.”

Taking one year of Latin will help students structurally to learn other languages, especially Spanish, Italian and French, Lundberg said. One of her favorite parts about teaching Latin is the crossover into other languages and that learning a language can mean so much more than vocabulary and tenses.

“I really hope anyone that takes my class doesn’t forget things they’ve leaned, especially "Carpe Diem" – seize the day – and to take opportunities that present themselves to the world,” Lundberg said. “Latin teaches students that sometimes things are hard but to stick them out. The Roman way was ‘the going gets tough, the tough get going,’ and that’s an important lesson to remember.

Many of Lundberg’s students have her as a teacher during their entire Latin career, creating a valuable experience and familiarity for them and for Lundberg.

"While Mrs. Lundberg is passionate about the subject she teaches, she is also passionate about the students she teaches,” a faculty member wrote. “She will go to games and if a student of Mrs. Lundberg's is there, she will be there cheering them on. Even when her students tell her they do not like Latin or that it is hard, she works with them and still supports them in their other endeavors at school. She is helping and inspiring that student for bigger things in life."
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