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Following are routine and complaint inspection reports for Henrico County food establishments inspected recently by the Henrico Health Department, according to Virginia Department of Health guidelines. Deficiencies are noted as “priority” or “priority foundation” (posing a direct or immediate threat to the safety of the food being served) or “core” (representing a failure of cleaning or maintenance). Inspections represent only a snapshot of the establishment on a specific date and time and may not be representative of its overall cleanliness, according to the VDH. Unless noted, all reported violations were corrected at the time of inspection or shortly thereafter.

FEB. 6
Olive Garden Italian Restaurant, 7113 West Broad Street – One priority violation reported (bell-type back flow preventer observed on the spray hose for cleaning floors and spray nozzle for kettles should not be used under pressure) and one core violation reported (several refrigeration gaskets found torn).
Chuy’s Mexican Restaurant, 11229 West Broad Street – One priority violation reported (grilled veggies on the cook line found at improper temperatures), one priority foundation violation reported (several clean dishes found dirty) and two core violations reported (mold build-up found on the soda guns at the bar, in the ice bin on the server line and on the ice in the left ice machine; leak observed at the handsink on the prep line and in the server area by the bar).
Chick-fil-A, 3380 Pump Road – No violations reported during follow-up inspection.
Rock Bottom Brewery, 11800 West Broad Street – Two priority (mac and cheese portions, melon found at improper temperatures; garlic butter found not labeled properly), two priority foundation (no parasite destruction records maintained for raw, raw marinated, partially cooked or marinated partially cooked fish found; slicer found with food debris) and five core violations reported open can of energy drink observed on shelf over prep line; improper cooling method observed; accumulations of dust, dirt, food residue or other debris found on fryer sides, wheel wells of line equipment, under grill line, inside salad dressing prep unit and gasket of wait line low boy unit; hole observed in ceiling above dishmachine; fruit/sewer flies found throughout facility and bar).

FEB. 7
Zero’s, 3073 Lauderdale Drive – One priority violation reported (employee used gloved hands to place raw bed on the grill for cooking but did not wash hands and change gloves before handling cheese and sub roll to prepare sandwich), two core violations reported (dirt and food residue observed on the rack used for storing bags of bread and rack for drying clean dishes; light bulb above over found burned out) and two repeat violations reported.
The Patron Mexican Restaurant and Cantina, 5990 Audubon Drive, Sandston – No violations reported during follow-up inspection.
Einstein Brothers Bagels, 3320 Pump Road – Two core violations reported (door of walk-in freezer found in poor repair, does not shut completely, heavy ice build-up noted in freezer; floor grout found worn in dishwashing, prep sink and ice machine areas) and one repeat violation reported.
Papa John’s Pizza, 3067 Lauderdale Drive – One priority foundation violation reported (no hand sink in the dishwashing area, preventing employees from having convenient access for hand-washing).
Grapevine Food Truck, 11055 Three Chopt Road – One core violation reported (grease and food residue observed on fryer baskets).
Q Grill, 5401 Glenside Drive – Five priority violations reported (raw eggs observed stored above tomatoes in walk-in unit; single-use gloves observed being worn for more than one task when worker placed frozen raw steak onto a grill, then grabbed tomatoes and lettuce from the make table), two priority foundation violations reported (slicer found dirty; no disposable towels provided at hand-washing lavatory in the back) and six core violations reported (wiping cloths found improperly stored between uses; two-door refrigerator and pizza walk-in unit not working; accumulation of encrusted grease deposits found on panini grill, edges of flat-top grill; accumulations of dust, dirt or other debris found on can opener holder, toaster, area beside fryer, stove drip tray, filter above back stove, walk-in shelves, spray hose at three-compartment sink; handsink in the front had no hot water; insufficient light by the three-compartment sink).
Tarrant’s West, 11129 Three Chopt Road – Two core violations reported (food contact surface of the wooden stir utensils not smooth or easily cleanable, wood observed splitting from heavy use; accumulation of grease observed on the waffle irons, used on weekends only) and two repeat violations reported during follow-up inspection.

FEB. 8
California Pizza Kitchen, 11800 west Broad Street, Suite 1104 – One priority violation reported (middle right drawer of salad prep and pizza prep observed holding at improper temperatures, affecting squash, chicken and sausage), two core violations reported (salad prep and pizza prep unit beginning to ice over, pizza prep unit boards found damaged) and three repeat violations reported during follow-up inspection.
Firebirds Wood Fired Grill, 11800 West Broad Street, Suite 1068 – No violations reported during follow-up inspection.
Five Guys Burgers and Fries, 1071 Virginia Center Parkway, Glen Allen – One priority violation reported (hose attached to faucet found extended below the flood rim level of the mop sink) and one core violation reported (dispensing utensils observed improperly stored between uses).
Qdoba, 11282 West Broad Street, Glen Allen – One priority violation reported (grill release stored with foil sheets, fuel found stored about to-go dinner boxes), four core violations reported (just-cut lettuce found at improper temperatures; accumulations of dust, dirt and food residue observed on the interior of the fajita veggie prep unit, side of two-door fajita prep unit, chargrill drip tray , white dry good bins and chip shelf above storage area; ice receptacle stored unprotected; flood beside chargrill, floor drain of prep sink, wall above service area found dirty) and two repeat violations reported.
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